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Question 1: Where is the furniture made? Show Answer

All of our furniture is manufactured at our factory in Concord, Ontario. To scheduke a tour of our facility contact a Marcantonio Designs Sales Representititve.

Question 2: Where can I buy Marcantonio Designs furniture? Show Answer

You can find Marcantonio Designs furniture at a number of fine furniture dealers across Canada. Visit Our Dealers for more information on where to buy our pieces.

Question 3: How old is the company? Show Answer

Joe Marcantonio, who holds over 40 years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, founded Marcantonio Designs in 2005. For more information visit Our History.

Question 4: Are your products available for purchase online? Show Answer

Our products are only sold through our trusted dealers. Each location is equipped to handle your questions and process your furniture order with ease. For custom designs please contact a Marcantonio Sales Representitive.

Question 5: Can you send me some sample swatches? Show Answer

Yes, we would be happy to send you some leather and fabric swatches. Please contact a Marcantonio Designs Sales Representitive for more information.

Questions regarding leather

Question 1: What does pure aniline mean? Show Answer

This refers to the most natural types of leathers. Pure aniline is leather that only receives its colour from translucent aniline dyes. For more information visit Types of Leather and Fabrics.

Question 2: How do I care for my new leather furniture? Show Answer

With just a little care, your furniture will last a lifetime, and improve as time goes on. Visit Care and Cleaning for general cleaning instructions and tips on how to handle spills and stains.

Question 3: How long can I expect my leather to last? Show Answer

All of our pieces are covered by a limited lifetime warranty on the seating and construction. For complete terms and conditions, please contact a Marcantonio Designs Sales Representative.