Finished or smooth leather

Regulare Care and Cleaning

  • • Wipe periodically with a dry cloth to remove dust.
  • • This also prevents dirt from building over time.
  • • Avoid harsh cleaners or solvents to prevent damage.

Spill and Stains

  • • Blot stains and spills with a lightly damp cloth.
  • • For tough stains, blot witha mild soap and water solution.
  • • Once removed, blot the area again with a dry cloth.
  • • Don't apply heavy pressure or a scrubbing motion.

Some finishes of leather may or may not be suitable for ths type of stain removal. Always perform a spot test in a hidden area and allow the area to dry completely before overall use. Specially formulated products can be used to rejuvenate fine leather surfaces, however, some leathers are more sensitive than others so always spot test before use.

Naked, nubuck, suede or unfinished upholstery leather

These types of leather have no protective film covering, making them more susceptible to stains. Some suede and nubuck coverings are treating with a waterproofing stain resistant solution.

Regular care
and cleaning

Suede and nubuck can be cleaned effectively with a vacuum cleaner and a soft nylon brush.

Spills and stains

  • • Blot spill immediatelywith a clean white cloth or sponge.
  • • If necessary, use clear warm water to help lift the spill.
  • • Gently wipe the spill dry using a blow dryer.
  • • When dry, brush the area with a soft nylon brush.

Tough Stains

Butter, oil or grease stains should not be washed. Water will push the stain in deeper or smear it, creating a bigger mess.

  • • Wipe up excess oil with a dry white cloth.
  • • Leave it to dry alone for a short
    period of time.
  • • The spot should dissapear
    into the leather.

Dry stains
and marks

  • • Rub the area with a pencil eraser or a dry cleaning pad.
  • • Vacuum and brush the nap with a soft nylon brush
  • • Ink/marker stains can usually be removed the same way.
  • • It might lighten the mark, but will not remove it completely.